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Christine Piper – Senior Account Manager & Consultant

“I love helping our clients at large.  Clients touch my heart when they reach out to me believing that they have a problem that has no solution, but I’m able to help them move forward with a newly found solution or aide in connecting them to a new educational network to advance their own knowledge – eventually leading to a perfect solution!”

Since joining the EHR Integration Services team, Christine focuses on supporting our clients in all realms of Healthcare IT.  Her primary skills involve an expertise in TouchWorks EHR especially v11Note training and configuration, SQL reporting for the WORKS DB, plus workflow analysis and configuration related to quality payment programs. Christine also manages several of our strategic accounts by meeting with clients weekly to keep projects progressing and facilitating paths forward to successful solutions. Over her years at EHRis she has worked with Chart2PDF, Barcode Reader, QIS Inform, and several other custom EHRis solutions.

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315-707-7843 ext 109
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Christine Piper was with Carris Health (formally Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC)) for over 10 years and first became familiar with using AllScripts TouchWorks EHR on v7.2, in 2003. While at ACMC, she developed an expertise in EHR workflow techniques and fulfilled several roles from TouchWorks EHR Project Manager, to Trainer, to IT Support Lead. Christine has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Expertise and Affiliations

> Past President and original founding member VP of the Central Regional User Group (CRUG)

> Applications: Allscripts TouchWorks EHR: QIS Inform Barcode Reader, Intelefiler,  Chart2PDF, SQL

> Implementations: Allscripts TouchWorks EHR: Order, Results, Charge, Dictation, V11Note, Rx, Problem Proficiency, Referral Process, AAP, etc.

Quality Payment Program regulations and Attestation Process

> Ability to think outside the box for Implementation of the uncommon data workflows

> Responsibilities in Project Management, Account Management, and Sales

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