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David Sander – Director of Operations & Marketing

“My focus is on internal operations at EHR Integration Services – I get excited when I’ve helped optimize our business practices so that the EHR consultants can do what they do best – deliver exceptional service.”

Contact Info:

315-707-7843 ext 102

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David Sander started his career in IT as a systems consultant with Andersen Consulting and then spent over 15 years focusing on the human side of systems performance as a training consultant with Ridge Associates and Brandon Partners. David is experienced in leading soft-skills and executive development workshops, designing and developing training programs, and operationalizing best-practices into bottom-line results. He joined EHR Integration Services in 2008. David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Expertise and Affiliations

> Process improvement and systems engineering

> Training and development

> Certified training consultant with Ridge and Brandon Partners on soft-skills performance and organizational savvy skills

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