Josh Luce EHRis team member

Joshua Luce – Finance and Operations Assistant

My role at EHRis includes administrative tasks for financial forecasting and reconciliation, as well as marketing strategies and analysis. I have helped develop marketing campaigns and trade show interactions with our marketing and sales teams.

Contact Info:

Joshua T. Luce
Intern/Assistant of Finance and Operations
Mobile (315) 440-6081
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I’m a rising junior at St. Bonaventure University with a major in finance. I have leadership roles in our entrepreneurial club ENACTUS and consulting firm C4. Both clubs are student-led and I’m a business seminar leader in ENACTUS and a junior principal in C4.

Expertise and Affiliations

> Leadership role in St. Bonaventure University’s entrepreneurial club ENACTUS

> Junior Principal at St. Bonaventure C4 consulting firm

> Developing a project that will create a customized CRM and task management system with the ability to track across all consulting teams with detailed hours and task information

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