EHR Integration Services (EHRis™) and MEDENT® have partnered to offer a streamlined, low cost conversion solution for moving your EHR System’s clinical data into your new MEDENT® System.  Working closely together, EHRis™ and MEDENT® have developed an approach that makes conversions from your existing EHR platform to the MEDENT system a carefully coordinated and efficient process.

EHR Integration Services (EHRis™) Role & Responsibilities

1. Provide the extraction services of the data from Customer’s EHR System.

2. Transform the data into the needed formats expected by MEDENT® , specifically the C32   and C62 formats.

3. Exact data sets will be determined based on the Customer EHR System. Possible data sets that may be included are:

Patient DemographicsMedications
Scanned Images Office Notes/Documents
Histories (Family, Medical, Social, Surgical)

4. EHRis™ will not alter the data in any way, other than ensuring it is presented to the MEDENT® EHR System based on the healthcare      standards agreed to (C32/C62 format).

5. Generate a Code Mapping Workbook.

6. Schedule and lead weekly status calls for the duration of the conversion project.

7. Extract twice, once for test and once for production processing.

8. No Gap Conversions will be included. If needed, these small gap conversions will be scoped and contracted separately.

9. Provide Error Resolution in production for two business weeks after Go Live date.

Note: Additional support hours can be provided after this time period and will be billed on an hourly basis as needed, or may be contracted for separately in advance.

MEDENT™ Responsibilities

1. Facilitate the implementation of their new software.

2. Assist with conversion questions that may be raised by Customer.

3. Participate in the weekly conversion status calls.

4. Assist with the validation of the data in the new MEDENT® System.

5. Load the data into Customer’s newly installed MEDENT® System.

Customer Responsibilities

1. Provide access to a server as listed below for the duration of the project. This server will be used by EHRis™ to perform all necessary    conversion work.

2. Install remote access software (LogMeIn) on Customer’s Conversion Server to allow for EHRis™ remote access.

3. Complete the Code Mapping Workbook.

4. Assist with communicating with their current EHR Vendor, as may be needed by EHRis™.

5. Participate in the weekly conversion status calls.

6. Validate and approve the data that is converted into the new MEDENT® System.

7. Provide formal approval/sign-off of the testing phase prior to extraction of production data.

Product Resources

Medent Brochure

For More Information Contact:

Jamie Steck
315-707-7843 x111