On the CRUG Agenda: Productivity and Workflow

Minneapolis, here we come. Everyone on the EHRis team anticipates the annual CRUG Spring Forum. This is a fun, engaging, and informative event where we always leave with a better understanding of what practices want and need from their technology. As interoperability and value-based care increase in importance, we develop new solutions to help providers across the U.S. adapt.

This year at CRUG, we’re focusing on productivity. Managers and providers are always looking for a way to save time and overhead, especially with digital technology. That’s why we’ve updated and released EHR Barcode Reader v3.0 this year. Our other two featured solutions, Business Process Automation and EHR Conversions also help boost productivity. For our Gold Sponsorship Presentation, Christine and Rochelle will be demonstrating creative ways to solve your workflow problems with our solutions. We hope to see you at the show.

See Our Gold Sponsor Presentation:

Session Title: Got Issues? We Got Solutions!

Presentation featuring: Christine Piper and Rochelle Herbert

Tuesday, April 10, 2:15-2:45 pm

Join Christine and Rochelle in this fun and interactive session as your most pressing workflow and integration problems are paired with our creative solutions!

Connect with the EHRis Team at CRUG

Jay Mangicaro
Director, Client Relations
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Christine Piper
Senior Account Manager
315-707-7843 ext 109

Rochelle Herbert
Archive Solutions Specialist
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Stacey Duran
Sales Consultant
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Michelle May
Director of Marketing
Byte Sized Solutions

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