Managing Population Health One Patient at a Time

Over the last decade, reimbursement and regulatory forces have significantly impacted the healthcare industry. Healthcare is in the midst of a significant transition from a volume-based to a value-based care model. Now more than ever are healthcare practitioners reliant on data to assist them in the delivery of high-quality, coordinated care to their highest risk patients. The ultimate goal is to efficiently identify these high-risk individuals and those in need of intervention.

This has proved challenging for two reasons. First, improving population health requires comprehensive data on whole patient populations, as well as individuals within those populations. Second, practitioners require systems that integrate well with daily workflow. Population care has to work at the macro-level and at the point of care.

Healthcare and technology experts have worked diligently to develop useful tools to assist practitioners in successfully managing and improving population health. One such tool is QIS Inform, a population-health management system, developed by EHR Integration Services and EagleDream Health. QIS Inform makes population-health management easy and straightforward by integrating, synchronizing, and standardizing multiple data sources. These are entered into a powerful database that provides relevant information across the entire continuum of care. Healthcare practitioners now have a single, centralized location where essential information regarding population health is stored.

For example, physicians can access data on health trends, morbidity, and risk within a patient population. This makes it easier to manage populations with, or at risk for, chronic conditions such as diabetes. Data collected from patients captures key factors, such as high BMI or lab elevated fasting glucose levels that are precursors to the development of diabetes. Patients who are the highest risks can be easily identified by QIS Inform, allowing providers to take action on a patient by patient basis.

Healthcare practitioners can also focus on patients in need of routine preventative care, whether it’s education, a medication adjustment, or an intervention such as an overdue colonoscopy. With QIS Inform, healthcare practitioners can identify lapses in care within their population with actionable data that allows them to monitor the whole population while proactively closing gaps in care for individual patients.

Healthcare professionals must develop effective strategies that update their practice to comply with the new world of value-based reimbursement—which puts a premium on outcomes and data. This has to be done in a manner that is both cost-effective and efficient, in terms of improving practice workflow. QIS Inform provides healthcare business intelligence necessary to manage gain-sharing and risk-bearing contracts by offering initiative-based performance measurement.

At EHR Integration Services, we firmly believe that successfully managing population health is absolutely essential for the successful delivery of quality care. The healthcare industry will continue to transform as market and regulatory forces evolve amidst complicated policy developments. The best way to ensure compliance and to guarantee successful outcomes is to manage patient population health in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective, and, most importantly, beneficial to the individual patient. Visit our QIS Inform web page for more information.

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