Byte Sized Solutions and EHR Integration Services have a unique relationship that allows each company to deliver more comprehensive services because of their collaborative partnership. As founders of the Perfect Practice Alliance, both companies have the vision to help provide better quality healthcare through applications and technology. The blend of EHRis’ clinical and practice knowledge integrates perfectly with the technical expertise provided by Byte Sized Solutions to deliver high-quality applications, integration, data migration and interoperability for the EMR marketplace.


Founded in 2006 by Steve Buttitta, Byte Sized Solutions is a healthcare software company built with bright, creative professionals who are focused on improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery through the use of innovative, high-performance data integration utilities and custom applications. We know that all healthcare technology consulting companies say the same thing. The difference with Byte Sized Solutions is that we’re the people who get called when other companies can’t get the job done.

Services Offered:

  • Clinical Solutions
  • Financial Solutions
  • Development Services
  • Interoperability
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The Perfect Practice Alliance is a consortium of companies focused on improving patient care and practice efficiency through healthcare technology in partnership with EHR Integration Services.