Phreesia helps medical groups, health systems and payers leverage patient intake to achieve their strategic objectives. When we founded Phreesia in 2005, we saw an opportunity to put innovative technology into the hands of patients to automate check-in and streamline front-office workflow. Over the last decade, our platform evolved as we incorporated eligibility and benefits verification, built our own payments platform and integrated with the leading practice management and electronic medical record systems.

Today, we manage intake for over 70 million patients annually through a robust platform of applications, including patient registration, revenue cycle, clinical support, appointments and patient activation.

At Phreesia, we realize how uniquely positioned and privileged we are to connect with patients before, during and after their visit to their provider. We have made it our mission to know patient intake and to help healthcare providers better understand their patients. We use medical histories, insurance benefits, socio-economic indicators—whatever it takes—to gather important data and engage patients in their care. Whether we are screening for depression, identifying patients at risk for falls or signing up Medicare patients for annual wellness visits, we want to make a difference.

Phreesia is a technology company, but our goal is to improve healthcare—one patient visit at a time.

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