We are an experienced software company in the healthcare IT industry, focused entirely on producing the most powerful and flexible interface engine on the market today.

Our customers turn to Qvera and the Qvera Interface Engine to solve their most challenging interfacing, integration and interoperability needs.  Providing healthcare today is difficult enough, managing data exchange between disparate systems and meeting government requirements is one less thing our customers need to worry about. Our focus is on quality and commitment to our mission: producing the best interface engine and making our customer users the heroes of their organizations.

The Qvera Interface Engine makes interoperability easy

Our customers are divided about the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE).  Some think the best thing about it is its simplicity.  Some say it’s the flexibility.  For others, it’s their ability to rely on Qvera support to help them do ambitious new tasks.  But one thing you can count on: from the moment you begin using it, QIE will be refreshingly intuitive, exceptionally automated, and conducive to more custom data manipulation than any other product.

Qvera has built an interface engine from the ground up that takes a unique approach to solving interfacing and interoperability challenges. The Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) has all the power and features you would expect from a high-ranking KLAS product, and all that is required for today’s largest organizations. Yet, it’s flexible, intuitive and easy to use.  Our customers are diverse and have different technical and business challenges to meet. From physician offices to large IDNs and other Healthcare IT software and hardware vendors, they all rely on QIE to help make their jobs easier.

Not only does QIE help you meet Meaningful Use requirements, but it accommodates virtually all connectivity standards and data formats used by HIE platforms, data repositories, IIS registries, EHR, hospital and laboratory systems:  HL7, XML, CCD, CDA, ASTM,JSON, X12, DICOM,  and NCPDP, to name just a few.

Client Testimonial

“In mid 2016, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). We engaged EHR Integration Services (EHRis) to migrate our ConnectR interfaces over a 6-month period, including the build out of several new interface channels to support community partner requirements.  With our new QIE interface platform, we’ve reduced the number of interface message errors and the platform is easier to navigate and maintain, allowing for efficient and effective use of our support team resources.

We value the great service and support we receive from EHRis.  Their dedication to training and supporting us through the transition to the new platform allowed us time to migrate our community partner interfaces seamlessly with no disruption in service or platform availability.  They were flexible and very attentive to our requirements and it is a pleasure working with them.”

Lisa Thomas | CFO and COO

Marin Medical Concepts | Novato, CA