EHRis Newsletter – July 2019

Feature Story

Collaboration For The Good of Healthcare

How do you build a strong and successful company? By working hard, staying true to your values, and partnering with the right people. Thirteen years ago, I started EHR Integration Services(EHRis) to help providers resolve complicated IT issues with their record keeping system. Throughout the years, we’ve helped hundreds of practices improve how their technology works for them, their workflow, and, ultimately, their clinical outcomes. 

One partner, in particular, has become a close collaborator on many of the solutions and services we provide today;  Byte Sized Solutions. In  2006, Steve Buttitta established  Byte Sized Solutions with the same goal as EHRis – to help practices leverage their EHR technology better. When we first collaborated with Steve and his team, we realized just how deep their healthcare experience, innovation, and passion for solving problems ran. As a result, we’ve worked closely with Byte Sized Solutions in developing our most successful solutions including Chart2PDF, InteleFiler, EHR Barcode Reader, and most recently, the LiveArchive Data Suite. In the last decade, we’ve grown closer and more integrated, bringing a new level of interoperable healthcare solutions to top practices across the country.

This is just the beginning too. We have many exciting projects and new clients on the horizon. We’re lucky to have Byte Sized Solutions in our corner. I feel fortunate to have worked with such hard-working and creative people. I eagerly anticipate the future of our continued partnership with Byte Sized Solutions.

Craig Luce
President, EHR Integration Services

Byte Sized Solutions + EHRis = 10 Years of Innovation

EHR Integration Services and Byte Sized Solutions have worked together to bring innovative solutions to today’s healthcare practice. Our top goal is improving productivity and clinical outcomes by supporting providers with applications that emphasize function and prioritize workflow. The best has yet to come as we think of new features and expand compatibility of our solutions with leading platforms including Allscripts and NextGen.

EHR Barcode Reader

EHR Barcode Reader

EHR Barcode Reader improves your Med Admin and Vaccine workflow by quickly scanning and populating key fields in your EHR.

NEW Features! For Allscripts 3.0 Release!

  • Med Admin Billing Units
  • Multiple Admin Codes for Immunization Counseling
  • VFC Mapping by Insurance
  • Ability to Customize per Clinic or Office Site

“We have been able to achieve accuracy recognized by the Oregon Alert System. We are in the gold category which is 95% accuracy with submitting the correct NDC and lot number, to deduct from the inventory correctly, to make everything compliant. That is one of the biggest benefits or accomplishments that we received from using Barcode Reader.”
-Julie Leep, North Bend Medical Clinic

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InteleFiler demo graphic

InteleFiler – Improve EHR Document Workflow

InteleFiler combines intelligent document management and workflow automation to analyze, index, and import data into your EMR, while minimizing data entry and document filing errors in medical records.

  • Maximum 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Reduce Manual Filing by 95%
  • HIPAA Compliant

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Chart2PDF – Efficient Export of Patient Records

Chart2PDF saves your practice hundreds of staff hours while streamlining and optimizing patient record export.

  • Two Workflow Options – On-Demand and Batch
  • Customize Output of Patient Chart Details
  • Multi-Patient and Large Batch Filtering

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Solution Spotlight – EHR/PM Conversions & Archiving

Rethinking What’s Possible

As healthcare organizations consolidate or replace existing EHR & PM systems, key decisions need to be made regarding the conversion and archival of critical clinical and financial data in order to meet operational and regulatory requirements. EHR Integration Services specializes in conversion and archiving solutions. We have an entire team dedicated to your success during the data migration process so you can have peace of mind.

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Conversions & Archiving Service Offerings

From start to finish, EHR Integration Services has your practice covered during a migration to a new EHR or PM system. Conversions and archiving are our business – we’ve been doing it for 13 years and we’ve got the record to back it up.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Migration
  • Clean Conversions
  • LiveArchive Data Suite

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In our latest blog, we break down and discuss the importance of EHR conversions and archiving. This is a must-read resource for any practice or health system that is pursuing a data migration project.

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People You Should Know

Steve Buttitta, President of Byte Sized Solutions

Working hard doesn’t faze Steve Buttitta. Growing up outside of Chicago, Steve started working at 15 and hasn’t stopped since. Today, Steve has come a long way from being a busboy. He’s the President of Byte Sized Solutions, our technology partner. He has a deep understanding of Healthcare IT, with over 16 years of experience solving complex software challenges on both the clinical and financial aspects of practice management.

Steve is a self-starter, having taught himself to program. He began his career at Sonoscan before moving onto Buehler as a Metallurgical engineer. He began his own consulting gig in 2003 and was hired full time by Advocate in 2004. In 2006, he started Byte Sized Solutions in his basement, working 80-90 weeks and accepting coding work from anyone who was willing to pay him. After 13 years under his leadership, Byte Sized Solutions has grown into a true leader in healthcare IT.

Steve has a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His expertise and core competencies include full Microsoft Stack Development, Advanced Data Management and Business Intelligence, ETL and MDM solutions, EHR Interfacing, and DevOps. Steve and his company are an integral part of the EHRis team and our shared mission of providing a Human Approach to Healthcare Technology.

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