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Value-Based Care and the Importance of Technology

We are in the era of value-based care and with that comes heightened expectations of healthcare providers. The primary goal of value-based care is the premise that the quality of care delivered to the patient is most important. Most people associate an image of a physician or provider spending more face time with a patient and generally expect practices to invest more time and resources into customer-patient service and relations. While those are important components of value-based care, they do not represent the whole picture of what value-based care is supposed to be. The often unspoken and overlooked component of quality care is technology.

Technology and digital systems have come to dominate everything, from finance to education and, yes, healthcare. Enabling your practice to deliver high-quality, high-value patient care will depend heavily on your technology. However, technology is not a cure-all solution and, in fact, can act as a crutch within your organization by creating operational and workflow challenges.

Manual Workflow is the Problem

One great representation of this challenge comes with unfiled EHR documents. When the Electronic Health Records Mandate took effect shortly after the enactment of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), healthcare providers immediately saw a backlog of millions of unfiled documents in the EMR systems. Unfiled documents can cause a myriad of problems within a practice. The manual processing of these documents is costly and time-consuming, often demanding hundreds of additional hours from your clinical staff.

The root of this problem is manual workflow. Despite an abundance of technology solutions that handle patient documents and EMRs, there is a serious lack of resourceful tools that speed up and streamline EHR workflow. The steps and decisions associated with document filing and order completion workflow are prone to errors, delays, and inefficiencies.

The results of this are documents missing from charts, information placed in the wrong location, and providers receiving incorrect or inaccurate data. As a result, there are millions of unfiled or inaccurate medical records across the United States healthcare system. These inconsistencies put point-of-care patient services at risk, compromising your practice’s ability to deliver high-quality care, a reality that is increasingly unacceptable in the era of value-based care.

At EHR Integration Services, this was an unfortunate reality that many of our clients had been grappling with. That is why we developed InteleFiler, the intelligent EHR document filing workflow solution. InteleFiler utilizes DISC Corporation’s SmartFiler™ technology to provide a comprehensive, intuitive EHR document filing and workflow automation application.

How InteleFiler Works for Your Practice

First, SmartFiler accepts documents including faxes, PDFs, physical papers, and data from EMR’s. It then reads, analyzes, categorizes, and indexes those accepted files directly into your EMR. InteleFiler accepts the data provided by SmartFiler and matches demographic data with the correct patient record. Then it is determined if there are open borders based on document format and any additional rules defined by your practice. Your HER will send that data back to InteleFiler regarding document type so the application can decide order status and tasking. Finally, everything is entered back into your HER and the appropriate providers are notified.

InteleFiler is the definition of cutting-edge technologies that are changing healthcare IT for the better. It will reduce your document filing time by 95%, reduce your risk by eliminating input errors, and save your practice thousands of dollars and hundreds of staff hours devoted to filing workflow. Additionally, this application will generate a significant ROI for your practice because not only will it solve your manual filing problems, you are able to avoid investing in additional software, servers, and upgrades because of SmartFiler’s built-for ambulatory environment. Finally, InteleFiler is HIPAA-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about any additional risks or liability at your practice.

We are in the era of value-based care. It is more important now more than ever to provide effective, high-quality patient services. By reducing the time and resources your practice devotes to document filing workflow, you will be able to focus more on what truly matters – delivering quality care that leaves everyone better off. For additional information on the benefits and feature of InteleFiler, please contact Jamie Steck.

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