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For over 10 years EHR Integration Services and Byte Sized Solutions have worked side-by-side to improve healthcare technology and workflow. Now we are combining our talents to improve efficiency and deliver a seamless experience for you and your practice.

Our Vision

Keena people are creative problem solvers. Our humanistic approach to healthcare technology means that we always look at how technology impacts the daily lives of healthcare workers and patients, and find ways to make it better. We value the trust you have put in us in the past. As Keena, our commitment will be proven in the solutions we provide for you every day. We are proud to move forward with you as Keena Healthcare Technology.

The EHR Migration Journal

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We’re dedicating a focused series of information bulletins designed to support provider organizations with the move to a new EHR/PM platform.

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Simplify, Optimize, Analyze & Resolve

Healthcare information technology is much more than data, computers, software and networks; it’s about people. Learn how to best leverage Keena as your health information technology partner in our comprehensive 2022 brochure.

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8 Steps to a Successful EHR Conversion

October 10, 2021

Conversions are one of the critical junctures in the life of an EHR and a practice. It represents the sunset of one system and the sunrise of another. An EHR conversion is challenging, requiring a unique mix of savvy technical deployment with carefully considered and collaborative planning. However, while conversions can be challenging, they are not…

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